Happy Tails

Associacão Bamboo has successfully re-homed over 300 dogs. Here are a few of the more recent happy stories.

Buggy, Germany & Portugal

Baise, Portugal & UK

Baria, Portugal

Boulder, Portugal

Brando, Germany

Bubba, Portugal

Busky, Portugal

Beautiful litter, Portugal, UK & Germany

Biba, Portugal

Bella, Netherlands & Germany

Banjo, Germany

Bahamas, England

Barack, UK

Bardot, Portugal

Beboni, Portugal

Baukje, Finland

Barao, Portugal

Banna, Portugal

Bubble, Belgium

Billy, Sweden

Blue, UK

Bushi, England

Boogie, Sweden

Borboleta, Portugal

Blossom, Czechia

Bimi, Portugal

Boris, UK

Bounty, Portugal & Sweden

Princess Nana, Germany

Beani, Portugal

Brandy, Portugal

Benny, Netherlands

Beckham, Portugal